Jedi Web Services

Digital Marketing & Design Company

Jedi Web Services (JWS) operates as a digital marketing and design company that was established in October 2009 by its owner, Neil Sargisian, known as JediNeil. In 2016, JWS was officially registered as a DBA (Doing Business As) under Ecom Economics, LLC, a Colorado-based corporation with a global presence. Most recently, JWS expanded its reach with the opening of a new office on Sunset Beach in Treasure Island, Florida.

Neil brings a wealth of experience to the table, offering design, SEO, and online advertising services to small and medium-sized businesses. His journey into the world of SEO began in a call center, where he acquired specialized training to effectively communicate SEO strategies to business owners. Neil's foundational knowledge in SEO allowed him to bridge the gap between clients and SEO technicians, explaining the enhancements made to improve search engine rankings. Over time, Neil transitioned from an SEO technician to becoming the beloved business owner of Jedi Web Services.

JWS takes pride in conducting the majority of its work in-house, ensuring personalized attention for every client. By intentionally limiting its client base, JWS guarantees that each partnered business receives the dedicated support it deserves. To date, Jedi Web Services has empowered over a hundred business owners, aiding them in expanding their online presence and enhancing conversion rates, leading to substantial growth and scalability.

Jedi Web Services excels in delivering exceptional online exposure through a holistic approach to digital advertising. The firm firmly believes that effective brand management encompasses all facets of the digital landscape, differentiating it from competitors. Services offered by JWS range from crafting captivating logos and designing user-friendly websites to adeptly managing clients' social media presence and optimizing their search engine visibility (SEO).

The team at JWS consists of SEO Jedi masters and professional content creators, all equipped with a strong foundation in graphic design and backed by an extensive distribution network. With their combined expertise, they consistently exceed expectations, propelling clients' brands to new heights in the digital realm.


  • Tongen Touch™
  • Eco Paint, Inc
Although, my business was already successful, Neil at JWS convinced me to completely rebrand my massage practice with a new name, website, and everything in between. I was nervous at first but the JWS team did a great job. I'm now I'm earning three times the income I was earning before this shift, and working less! I can't recommend this company more! - Tina Tongen
Tongen Touch™
I have worked with JWS for several years, working with them on search engine optimization. Extremely professional, upfront, and honest. JWS help my site gain 1st page rankings for just about every city in Colorado for house painting, under just about every keyword imaginable! So the price I paid for that was insignificant in comparison, to the business it is now receiving, having a 6 figure income. - Cal Phillips
Eco Paint, Inc







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Ecom Economics, LLC

Ecom Economics, LLC is our parent company. We developed the company brand ourselves by coming up with the name, locking in the domain name, designing the logo and WordPress website. We created the copy, designed images and marketing materials, such as video ads. Created all the social media accounts and posts too.

JWS - Logo Sample 13

DigiXstream Shop™

We manifested DigiXtream Shop™ by creating the logo, created the copy, the website, and product images. We even created the backgrounds featured on the product interface. We created videos, testimonials, social media accounts, posts, ads and basically everything in relation to this company brand.

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The FOMOstream® brand is another one that was manifested purely from our imagination. We came up with the name and locked in the domain name. We created the logo, all the copy, the website, product images. We even designed the product and firmware and orchestrated the manufacturing of the product and firmware interface. We designed […]

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The Deftmark™ brand is yet another great creation of ours. We came up with the name, locked in the domain, developed the logo, and created the website from scratch. We facilitated the manufacturing of the products, created the copy and educational videos. Everything related to this brand was put in motion by Jedi Web Services. […]

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Leonard & Hazel™

We created Leonard & Hazel™ from scratch. We came up with the name and logo design. We locked in the domain name and created the e-commerce WordPress website. We created all the copy and marketing materials such as the ads, videos, and even the product images. We designed the business cards and even the product […]

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Tongen Touch™

Tongen Touch™ is the result of a rebrand. The company was originally named, Seads of Transformation. We came up with the new name, secured the domain, and designed the new WordPress website. We established the social media accounts. We created ads, promotions, testimonials, and more. Also, our team optimized the Google Places in three different […]

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We developed the TheraBrella™ brand by coming up with the name, locking in the domain name, creating the logo, writing the copy, designing the WordPress website, outsourcing products, developing social media accounts, creating videos, creating and distributing content all content.

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Back again with another great brand, created by the JWS team. KleenSwell™ is a hand sanitizer brand, manufactured by Hygienic Labs, LLC. We came up with the name before securing the domain name to use for the WordPress website that we designed. The logo was designed by us, as well as all the product images, […]

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Hygienic Labs, LLC

This company’s domain name, e-commerce WordPress website, logo, written copy, product images, videos, testimonials, and online advertising have all been created at the hand of Jedi Web Services. We developed and manage the social media accounts, posts. We designed the product labels and product images. JWS created videos, flyers, and all marketing materials for this […]

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Boal Law Firm™

Boal Law Firm™ hired our team to design their new WordPress Website and to provide local SEO services. Social media accounts were established and managed by our team. Keyword research, and monthly analytics reports were provided to customer on a monthly basis. Testimonials, videos, and more were all created by our Jedi Web Services team.

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Website Wealth Generator™

We had fun creating this brand. It’s one that we own but haven’t really put to good use, yet. Everything you see related to this Website Wealth Generator™ brand was our creation, aside from a few images and the video. The name, the website, the social media accounts, have all been put together buy our […]

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USI Vegas™

USI Vegas™, aka, Unique Solutions for Industry, LLC, has been a long time client of JWS – almost from day one. We designed and developed a WordPress website for this client as well as preformed On-Page and Off-Page SEO for numerous years – until we shifted our focus to clients that we had a direct […]

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Galaxy Outdoor™

Galaxy Outdoor™ was actually our first Jedi Client, back in 2009. We developed the brand and maintained it for them for 3 years. We secured the domain name for them, designed the logo, and designed the WordPress website which was an e-commerce site. We also ran a 3 year SEO campaign for them which included […]

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Credit Guard Nation™

JWS is responsible for creating the Credit Guard Nation™ brand and was a lead generator for the main company. We designed the website, created the business listings, social media accounts, and video testimonials. Our team setup and optimized local listings in Google for six different city locations. We collected leads for seven years through this […]

JWS - Website Sample 19

Stream Android™

The Stream Android™ brand name, WordPress website, and social media account have all be created and maintained by our Jedi Web Services team. This was actually an experimental brand that we put together and then kind of put it on the back burner because it was too similar to a couple of other company brands […]

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Boulder Vapor House™

Another popular brand that the Jedi Web Services team is behind. This client, Boulder Vapor House™, came to us with a logo and a basic website, but that’s about it. We created everything else for them, including developing a new e-commerce WordPress website and establishing and managing their social media accounts. In fact, we put […]

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Simply The Best Cleaning Company™

Simply the Best Cleaning Company™ is an example of one of our more basic websites without all the bells and whistles. We selected the colors and images, designed the website, and helped to write the copy. Aside from that, we continue to maintain it website updates and backups.

JWS - Website Sample 18

Martin Chiropractic and Specialty Clinic, LLC

Here, you’ll see an example of a basic website that we created for a client, Martin Chiropractic and Specialty Clinic, LLC. We also provided the online advertising, SEO, and social media marketing for this client for a few years. Sadly, he has recently had to close shop due to health reasons.

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FOMOstream® Support Blog As our FOMOstream® brand grew, there was more and more demand for tech support. For this reason, we build a separate support blog website that can be accessed through the main website. We came up with the FOMOstream® name and locked in the domain name. We created the logo, all the copy, the website, […]